Wood, in its very essence, is a rather rich material. It is especially convenient when you want to hit that rustic sweet spot of your aesthetic, as it can imbue a sense of inherent naturalness into its surroundings. On false ceilings, most people tend to have a bit too much faith in plaster. It is not necessarily a bad choice – it’s just overrated. Though you can create many unusual contemporary style patterns through plaster, there is an understated charm about a wooden ceiling that just cannot be replicated otherwise.

As a homeowner, you tend to overthink on every aspect of design while decorating your interiors and would notice that the ceiling is a major part of any interior aesthetic. So how about breaking some conventions the next time you redecorate and going for a wooden ceiling instead? Let us have a look at a few options for you to make the best choice.

Contemporary Wood Ceiling Designs For Your Home Interior

by Arcademia Group Inc

An Idea of Materials

As mentioned before, most ceilings tend to be done in plaster, but even plaster ceilings have additional composite materials. Some of them can be merged with various types of wood to achieve the desired design, cost and durability. These wood composites can also help attain that organic wooden color and texture. Since composites tend to be an amalgamation of more than two materials, they also vary in properties and give us a wide variety of materials to choose from, even in the wooden ceiling genre. Below, we will be discussing a few options that might help you navigate the composite wooden ceiling category.


One of the most common material to make a false ceiling with, plywood can be easy to maintain and flexible enough to design complicated under shapes. Plywood panels are easily installed under already plastered ceilings to create the ‘drop’ effect. There are two further categories under the Plywood ceiling header, which include the decorative installation, and the commercial installation. The former one needs only a few coats of varnish to showcase a natural wooden feel, while the latter can also be painted. One common thing in both designs is that they can make an interior seem opulent. A major pro in the plywood ceiling category is that it can be used for outdoor settings such as verandas or porches.

Contemporary Wood Ceiling Designs For Your Home Interior

by Eggleston Farkas Architects


The earliest form of the decorative false ceiling, the planned category refers to the age-old decorative plank formation that used to behoove the old Victorian homes of Great Britain. Usually made up of pure timber, these tend to lean on the heavier side. The planned ceiling formation consists of a pattern of vertical and horizontal beams joined to create ornamental designs. The result is a luxurious aesthetic that can enrich the ambiance of your home if you choose this formation. The planned type ceiling used to be installed on a grand scale in majestic interiors in earlier times. Today, they are used solely in Cottage Style and Prairie Style homes, of which these complement the theme. Since the wood used in these ceilings is authentic, these lean on the expensive side; but know that if you choose this particular ceiling style, the overall aesthetic of your home would be beautifully luxe.

Contemporary Wood Ceiling Designs For Your Home Interior

by Griffin Enright Architects


The molding type ceiling is made up of parts – wooden molding and various types of tiles. The finished look is more modern than anything else, but the entire aspect is rather contemporary. What happens is, you take wood, glass or plaster tiles – all with wooden moldings at their borders – and install them as a part of your ceiling. In the end, the ceiling may seem like a plethora of decorative square, wooden tiles. Add to that the effect of strategically installed drop lights, and you’ve got yourself a masterpiece. The molded ceiling is most effective on high ceilings, but can also be used in living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens.

Contemporary Wood Ceiling Designs For Your Home Interior

by W.A. Bentz Construction Inc

Now that you have an idea about the various types of wooden ceilings available in the market, you might have a better chance of choosing the ideal one for your aesthetic. Take these ideas, and make them your own!